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A full stack all around software and website development that make specific creative potential management to different businesses through passion and brain.

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Create the UI and the UX on how the web app should look like, focused on the purpose of the web and its target audience.

I strongly believe that a product with the perfect design and outstanding usability has a promosing future in the market. I will provide you with different types of UX testing, user flow chart, and unlimited revisions so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Develop a website or a system to speed up the workflow of your business.

What if I can invent an application for your need in a grasp of your hand, not only your business will be more organized, it will also reduce time in finding articles or maybe purchase order within few seconds.
data visualization programmer


Create dashboard to get a quick insight how your business is progressing.
grow business developer


Consult ways to improve KPIs, expand your business with the help of advertisement, as well as adding SEO to your landing page.


In the time being, i am prioritizing local Indonesian companies. I believe that Indonesia has a greater potential in maximizing the use of technologies.

Running a business is a challenge. Whether you are building from scratch or formulating an expansion for your business, tactical use of time, budget allocation and most importanly having a qualified team is exceptionally crucial for success.

I will provide you with imperative services from design and web development, e-commerce support, SEO, or even if you need to consult how you to make use of digital marketing into your business. Combining local insights and prime services, I will assist the construction and execution of effective solutions to my clients.


  • 2014 - 2015 Did Cambridge International AS and A Level in Information Technology located in Bali, where I am grateful to have received an A as a final examination grade. Beside this, I also took Pure Mathematics and Probability & Statistics that has prepared me for the university life.
  • 2015 - 2017 Started my university life majoring ICT & Software in Fontys of Applied Science, located in Eindhoven, the city of Technology of the Netherlands. During this period, I was taught all the basic programming languages, started with C#, HTML, CSS, JS, Java, etc. Not only programming, we also had the chance to study cryptography, network security, e-commerce, as well as the business aspect of this technology world.
  • 2017 - 2018 I did my first internship in Aruba where I was given a task to build an admin panel using ASP.net MVC 5 framework in C#. I am happy to add this additional feature to their exsisting website of the ex I am happy to help the workers who worked in Sociale Verzekering Bank, an organization that worked by giving money to the orphanes, eldery people, as well as disabled people to handle their users as well to gain control who to block and not.
  • 2018-2019 On my final year, I decided to join the Applied Data Science Minor where I was taught how to build machine learning models on a big data that has been cleaned and structured in way, which is very interesting during this era as more data are now being collected enermously. Once I completed this minor, I decided to do my internship in Curacao working for Bearing Point in business intelligence department to help the goverment detecting outliers on those who might be a tax fraud. I had to build a model in SAS Enterprise Miner for my colleuge so that he could add data and let the machine show the highest probability on where or who might be a suspect.
  • 2019 - Now Currently I am building a inventory software for a furniture company to handle their production flow. Once this software in completed, I want to help other local companies that are still using the traditional method of tracking their stock, sales, and purchases into a more effective web to increase the way

Cover letter

My main strength are adaptability, hardworking and eager to learn. I have always been working in different continents where I was demanded to learn a new programming language in a new envrioment in a short period of time. Learning new skills has been my interest as in technology scope, there is always new technology to dig in.

Having a genuine interest in the advanced always growing techology, I have completed a minor in Applied Machine Learning, developing models using exsisting algorithms to predict and visualize big data into a beautiful, meaningfull graphs.

As I am now back in my beautiful home country, Indonesia, I have decided to start my own business to help local companies to shift the traditional system to more advanced, quick, user-friendly system to improve their warehouse.


Full Stack
Web Development

Software Application

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If you would like to obtain more information or have further questions regarding studying in the Netherlands, or questions on how to start a machine learning project, I would love to help.

Let's do a virtual call or grab a coffee if you are in Central Java. Cheers!

ADDRESS: Surakarta, Indonesia
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